the smallest ‘yes’ part 2: the miracle of staying awake

5pM.  I was blessed to find out that the life center – a hot spot – is open. So I went there, did some research and tried to ignore the fact that I really stink already. 😀

Come 8PM, I’m not yet done! But to my joy, God reminded me that I used to sleep at my sister’s house – another hot spot – so I asked my bro-in-law for permission to sleep over. Done deal. 🙂

The challenge was to keep my eyes open. I have attempted ordeals like this before. I always ended up falling asleep or hopelessly trying to focus to no avail. But (!) I must admit that the miracle during that night was that none of those things happened. When I read Jane’s super organized report, almost half of my sleepiness and disorientation (due to sleepiness) were washed away. Kinabahan ako dahil na-pressure ako sa ayos ng report niya.

So there was so much grace. I would not be surprised if someone were to tell me people were praying for us, researchers, that night. This may sound like an exaggeration, but honestly speaking, the fact that I stayed awake without fading into total loss of concentration, was really a miracle.

Thanks be to God. *wink*

The Smallest ‘Yes’ Matters (Part I)


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