Intro to our 3-day Bangkok Adventure

Yes yes, my friends must be wondering what we did in Bangkok, so let me attempt a brief post for them all…

Unlike most of my out-of-the-country trips which were either outreaches/official trips organized by JREV Foundation or family vacations organized by my parents, this trip is EXTRA unique and special because it was organized by me! And I managed to drag two of my friends along. (I booked them on short notice for a promo flight that was about to expire in a couple of hours.) And oh yeah they trusted me even though I’m such a scatterbrain! Could you believe that?!

My crazy companions liz (left) and lyn (right)

MMM stall outside our ‘hotel.’ Choose from chicken, beef and seafood fried rice!

So this was how the ADVENTURE began (and adventure it truly WAS!).

(1) We booked for Cebu Pac tickets online choosing a schedule that allowed us to stay for exactly 72 hours in Thailand (yes, including sleep time!)

Day 0 – arrival at around 11pm, reached our lodging place at around 2am
Day 1 – woke up early even though we slept late!
Day 2 – one full day roaming the city!
Day 3 – went out of town then back to the city and flew out of Bangkok by 12 midnight!

(2) My Thai friend residing in Bangkok – Amanda, helped us book at DD House (which took us a couple of days to find online…) She spared us from nosebleed task of talking with Thai reservation officers… And when we got to Bangkok, she actually helped us the whole time even though she was busy with work, church, and even was in a retreat when we got there.

(3) Our Filipina missionary friend Ate Sharon (who lives in a province in Thailand – in short, malayo siya as Bangkok) helped arranged a cab to pick us up. Read more about this.

(4) We arrived in Bangkok with basically flexible itinerary and still unsure which places we want to visit – that’s besides the shopping places of course.

One of the things I LOVED so much about the trip and one thing that I am so GRATEFUL for is our friend Amanda whom I consider our official Bangkok “remote” tour guide. Weeee! She was uber busy with work but she managed to help us with our sightseeing whims. So more of this later.

But that’s all for now. So there there, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Amanda, Ate Sharon, P’Suwanee, and P’Ngo for our crazy yet lovely stay in Thailand!


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