another day at the airport (not quite)

9:30 am local flight ideally should bring me to the airport at 8:45 am. i was here 6:50. and we were really targeting 6:30. since it’s a Monday and it’s ESI’s (our car) coding day.

thank you God there’s wifi but i might be signing off in a while… but before that, let me just share how unprepared i am for this trip.

i slept before 12mn, got up 430 am, checked facebook if i have any email. Nada. (i was hoping my hosts have replied to my flight itinerary.) i just realized hours before that they had not replied to my email about my flight details and… i was “scatterbrained” enough not to think of calling them up the day before. at 28, this really feels very disturbing. i had assumed that they received my email. my dad would be lecturing me right now had he known about this.

i washed some shirts last night because i didn’t have enough for my 10-day trip. (i was supposed to wash them the day before but my dad insisted that we watch a movie instead. i was TOO submissive so i complied.) thanks to the washing machine spinner, they were dry by the wee hours of the morning – which means that i had to sleep first before packing them around 5 am today… that was 2 1/2 hours ago.

i printed my e-ticket in an internet shop near our new house. we went looking for one at around 8 pm last night ’cause our printer ran out of ink. so did my uncle’s printer (we thought of asking him to print it for us) i already knew that the printer was running low on ink – more than a week ago. i was gonna buy replacement that morning. but you guessed it right! i forgot! (why? i got sidetracked during a conversation…) excuses, excuses!

so, going back to this morning, in the process of packing my bag, i switched bags. i therefore left my wallet and BIBLE in the other bag. (kulang nalang maiwan ko yung lip balm ko, which is the next most important possession i have.) if I may add, I am going to a Christian conference. i will have to borrow a Bible while I’m in Cebu.

since i left my wallet (fortunately my ATM cards and credit card are not in my wallet but are here with me), i had to bring some of the cash for deposit to BDO with me. (i was going to give them to my dad for depositing but since I left the notepad where the account no. is written, i will just have to deposit them myself when i get back here in Manila.)

so my dad was asking me in the car, “did you forget something?” and now i realized i was such a liar, “no, i’m okay. *poker face!*” in my head: oh where is my wallet? where is my Bible? oh, i remember, at HOME! (we were already on the road.)

just now, i realized that since my bible is not here, i will have to do my morning Scripture readings online. again, i am so grateful for FREE WiFi.

now let’s see. oh! btw, me, ms. shutterhappy, left the digicam at home. i will definitely have to suffer withdrawal symptoms. and you guys will have to bear with my cellphone shot photos.

for now, i have to run to the toilet then go to then call my hosts…

so yes yes, it’s just another day at the airport. i was just here last week. and, last last last week.

and oh! my hosts just texted me, they thought i was arriving tomorrow. hahahaha! that means i’m taking a cab and i can go anywhere i want, alone. 😉 i love it when i mess things up. it makes the day prettier. my dad would feel the opposite though… 😀 so let’s keep this our little secret. (he doesn’t know how that i have a blog nor does he surf online. every now and then, he just asks me to check his e-mailbox.)

so there there… i don’t know what this week holds. please pray for me. hahahaha. but no worries. life is too exciting and kind to waste on worry. 😉 ’cause HE is ALWAYS GOOD

No make up. That was how hurried I was today.



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