My Pleasure

Among a number of people that we know, we will always know some of them more than others. Imagine the person in your life whom you know best. How many minutes or hours did you spend with that person in order to get to know him or her more? I remember the summer when I started my figure skating lessons. I seriously wanted to learn the sport, so whereas my sister stayed in Iloilo to further extend her ‘summer vacation,’ I chose to fly back to Manila in time for my first skating lesson. It had been tempting to stay in Iloilo, but I had a mission back here and I knew that it was something worth trading additional weeks of vacation for.

This morning, God challenged me to make another trade. It was to trade “my choice” in exchange for “His.” This is actually something that we have supposedly accepted to be part of our walk in Christ from that day we said yes to Jesus. But at the same time, it is a process that we learn more about as we walk this life. Well today, I am re-learning it as God asked me to trade my pretty trophy in exchange for a “trust covenant.” Will you believe God for something better when things already look perfect? And more, will you believe God that what He has reserved is best when the item that peeks through the wrappings does not look so promising? But if you do not let go, you know that you have held back your heart and refused to trust the God who loves you more than you love him. So off with your head again.

I literally wanted to close the cabinet walls in front of me and cry myself to sleep. But one has to rise up say, “I trust you GOD! Joy in the lowest place!” And as I was trying to pull myself together, God spoke to me these old words, the freshest old words I know, “the PLEASURES OF KNOWING GOD.” Do it in exchange for the pleasures of know Me. Selah.


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