Sawasdee! (our 1st hour in bangkok, looking for P’Ngo the cab driver)

bangkok airport
Bangkok Airport: Waiting for P'Ngo

It is lovely to go to a foreign country knowing that you have friends there you can call up should things go wrong. Of course you hope that nothings go wrong… *fingers crossed*

We (3 ladies who do not speak Thai) arrived at the Bangkok International Airport just minutes past midnight of March 7, 2010. Our friends Ate Sharon (Filipina) and P’Suwanee (Lao) had us picked up by P’Suwanee’s cousin who happens to be a cab driver. These two friends of ours live 8 hours away from Bangkok. The ‘cousin’ however, P’ Ngo, works in Bangkok.

1st Scene: Upon getting our check in baggage, I hurriedly bought a local sim card to call Ate Sharon and check up on how we can meet P’Ngo. P’Suwanee had advised us to call her up should we find difficulty finding P’Ngo (the cab driver). I didn’t understand why we should bother her (P’Suwanee) when we can call P’Ngo directly. (Yes, they gave us his cell phone no.) I was just about to find out why…

2nd Scene: *ring ring – ring ring* I dialed P’Ngo’s cell no. A man greets me, “Sawasdee Krap!” I answered, “Hello! P’Ngo? This is Riza, P’Suwanee’s friend…” I waited for a response… I heard him answer in Thai. Hmmm… “Hello… P’Ngo?” He speaks in Thai again. “Hi! We are here at the airport…” He manages to mumble one or two English words. Waaaaaaaaa! *More Thai words* Waaaaa… “Hello? Err… Uh…. Err… Where.. are… you?” By this time, the girls and I were laughing. I didn’t know what else to say. I fumbled for more simple words but it was pitiful. I knew he did not understand.

Riza, how could you forget! You’re not in Manila! Not everyone there speaks English. *Tumbling*

3rd Scene: We were still laughing. P’Ngo’s nose must have bled instantly after my first paragraph of English words… For a moment, we were silent because both of us probably didn’t know what to say to each other. Okay let’s try this again…

4th Scene: After much loss of blood, P’Ngo managed to find the right words, “15 minutes,” he said. I asked him, “Where?” But it was too much English in one phone call. Hahaha! So we just hoped we’ll somehow find each other somewhere in the airport after 15 minutes!

5th Scene: We waited outside with our bags. After 15 minutes, I took the courage to call him up again. More nose bleed for Riza and P’Ngo. Ten minutes more and he’s coming. Yey!

6th Scene: *Ring ring* P’Ngo called me up. I answered, “Hello…” Now it was my turn to get shocked. “Errr… Sawasdee Kaaaah…” *scratches head* He was saying something… I run to the airport personnel nearby, “Sir, could you please speak to my friend?” Whoa! Why didn’t I think of this earlier? Yipeee! They talked for a couple of minutes. I finally felt relief that P’Ngo will finally find us!

7th Scene: P’Ngo calls again. He’s at the airport! We’re at the airport too! But… we must be in two different parts. Err… where art thou oh P’Ngo? I run to the airport personnel again. They talked in Thai.

P'Ngo's Taxi Cab. It's Pink!

8th Scene: Boy am I glad we found each other before sunrise. He was inside the airport while we were outside. hihihi. He had parked inside. lol. What a relief to finally have found ou

r “sundo.”

Scene 7 and 1/2: A sleek looking man (on the phone) in a black polo shirt

crosses the street from a car across the road. One of my friends thought, “Could that be P’Ngo? Uy, pwedeng i-friend” Translation: “He’s cute. Why not?” Hahaha. I’m sorry girls but that’s not our guy. rofl!

So much for our first hour in Bangkok. But thanks to P’Suwanee and Ate Sharon, we felt too special with a cab picking us up at the airport. 😉


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