His joy is my strength: a sick tourist finds God’s grace in Bangkok

I just got back form Bangkok yesterday after almost exactly 72 hours in the city (oops, minus our half-day trip to Damnoen Saduak outside town). But yes, it was 72 hours in Thailand.

I arrived at past 12 midnight Sunday and took off 12:35 am Wednesday — came with two of my girl friends to look for bargains we can resell here in the Philippines and also see a bit of the city’s tourist spots.

More than a week before our departure, I had already been suffering from a come-and-go sore throat that has developed into a cough right before we flew out of Manila. I had also been struggling with stressful conflicts in my schedules here in Manila with the regular mini Bible studies always being canceled due to my poor health or some other reason. I had forced myself to lead the weekly worship-intercession further stressing my vocal chords every Thursday evening. And I had this nagging guilt of not being able to help out in packing and transferring our stuff to our new house — which happens to be over-delayed already. It had been really frustrating and everything climaxed as the Bangkok trip came into view. My 2 companions were relying on me for our itinerary and despite my advise to help out in the research, I still ended up looking for the addresses of restaurants or sites they wanted to see. It would have been a breeze if I were not sick, but since I was, I felt like dozing off everytime I go online.

But SOMETHING really set this trip apart. I’ve gone on trips during times when I was in perfect condition. For this trip however, the joy is simply unmatched. I felt God every step of the way despite my struggles with my prayer time. (To think I lead prayer every week…*scratches head*) And you’d expect that I’d get worse during the trip but I actually got better, except for the last day when my coughing got worse. But we shopped under scorching heat, stayed up late, got up early, walked a lot, ate little… I did extra work with some coordination work and research online. The whole time I was fine! (Well not really but yes I was able to enjoy our trip.) It was God’s joy manifesting as STRENGTH. This is one of those times when a miracle is truly real and the fulfillment of Scripture truth so often quoted religiously actually held me fast.

We had a lot of funny experiences and a lot of encounters with God’s sweet providence. More about that on my next blog. But God’s favor was just amazing! And His joy and grace really pulled me through this one! All glory to Daddy!

Trivia: Bangkok is know to Thais as Krung Thep (กรุงเทพ), which roughly translates to ‘City of Angels.’


2 thoughts on “His joy is my strength: a sick tourist finds God’s grace in Bangkok

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