Lessons from Haiti, America and Mexico

So I thought maybe I’d jot down some stuff before I proceed finishing my deliverable which I’ve been struggling to get done. This is really rough but just had to get it out….

I’m sure most of us have noticed the recent shakings across the nations – the financial meltdown, the calamities (earthquake, tsunamis, flood, etc.) in the American Samoa, USA, Thailand, Philippines, Haiti, and recently in Chile (include also the smaller earthquakes in Indonesia, China, Taiwan, etc.) – that seem to be telling us one thing, that God is shaking the nations. Scripture tells us that God shakes the nations so that what cannot be shaken will remain. When Wall Street fell, we realized that man has nothing to boast, and that we cannot trust in ‘horses, chariots, and princes.’ When Haiti lost more than a thousand lives due to an earthquake last January, in varying degrees we all felt how terribly broken a nation can get. In the midst of catastrophes, we find ourselves asking tough questions. I could go on.. But so much for the intro.

Here’s the thing. Today, some (3 or so) events really brought me to my feet.

Yes, what happened in Chile was historic. The 5th largest earthquake recorded in history. But what caught my eye was what’s happening in Haiti. (Revival Stirrings in Haiti) Skimming through blogs mostly written by Americans, I noticed that most of them ended their entry with something like this: “America needs to pray. Like Haiti, America also has many idols. Let us pray for revival in America.” Or something along those lines. I realized that many Americans do realize this but there is still that need for a more united response from the Church in America.

But honestly, the first thing that would cross ones mind would be: Does it really have to take such a disaster in order for revival to come? Those who have studied revivals can attest to one thing, it was prayer – a movement of desperate and unceasing prayer – which always precedes revival. A disaster can bring a nation to its knees. But we do not have to wait for a disaster in order for us to finally wake up to the fact that we NEED to get on our KNEES and CRY OUT TO GOD for revival.

Another thing that struck me was the devastating trend of same-sex marriage legalization. I read about it almost every month. It seems that America is never left with a month without a war against same-sex marriage, not to mention the continuing war against abortion. But it is not just America that faces this. It is already legal or at least recognized in places like: Belgium
Canada, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden. But America, whose roots are founded on Scriptures and the leadership of godly men, is now being pushed to desperation. I could not imagine my nation facing the same.

I am desperate for change in my nation but it seems to me that what America is going through is more painful that what my nation is going through when I think of abortion issues and liberal lifestyles that condone immorality. And again, the same question echoes in my mind, does my nation have to reach a point where it should face such issues before it goes down to its knees in prayer?

When I heard about Chile last week, I could not help but think of God and how his presence shakes the nations and how his holiness and wrath make us tremble. I wanted to cry. And when I learned that “A law allowing same-sex weddings took effect Thursday in Mexico City” and that “unions in Latin America slowly gain acceptance,” I also felt the same cry in my heart. But this time, I honestly did not know how to begin to weep. There’s Haiti which most of us have prayed for but now is experiencing the fruits of repentance and prayer. There’s America, and Chile and Mexico with it’s continues war against violence and drugs…
And there’s our nation, the Philippines. Survived the flood, now facing drought. Gathered the people to pray for a few weeks after Ondoy. Was desperate but now seems to have forgotten that we are still under God’s mercy.

I hope the distractions of campaign season and our day to day lives would not sidetrack us from God’s call. He has called us to humbly pray and seek his face. We have not yet seen the change we have been praying for. We have received encouraging answers to prayers but let us not faint before we hit the finish line.

God forbid that another disaster should strike just to get us on our knees again. God forbid that there should be a disaster like Haiti’s, or United State’s, or Chile. God loves us and his favor is on our nation. But I let us love Him back, by listening to his voice, by responding to His heart to gather us in prayer.


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