This is just a re-post. Happened to be one of my favorites (among the ones I wrote).

i know waiting will not last forever
i know faith is a word that eventually substantiates
for those who know how to ask and receive
i know time was not meant to delay or prolong suffering
i know longing is meant to be met by an embrace

i know tears are wiped away in the end
i know promises will be fulfilled if they were given in love
i know hearts soften when watered with mercy tears
i see rain clouds smelling the earth’s hunger for water

miracles are not far but are only waiting for the cue of the great Director

a miracle is real even before it happens
and when my heart is filled with faith to the brim,
you will be greater than everything that i know.
when my hand begins to feel,
then i will laugh and cry.

but now, fill me with more of your truth
let me taste the showers of hope purified
faith watering my insufficiency
turning belief into answers
for the God i spoke with, i know, is real


4 thoughts on “Miracle

  1. Riz – very good, I can see why you reposted it. I really like your writing, it is thought-provoking and inspiring.

    “a miracle is real even before it happens” is genius. A line I think I will use every time I hear someone say miracles don’t exist.


    1. Hi…. big THANKS!

      I sort of have in mind the verse Ecc. 3:15 when I wrote this, “Whatever is has already been, and what will be has been before…” But I think my interpretation is out of context. Haha. But yes we must believe in miracles and that it is God’s desire to bring them to pass in our lives! Mt. 6:10, “your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”! No good thing shall He withhold! Psalm 84:11


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