All I Need: My take on extended singleness

I remember a Holy Spirit filled man of God speak to us one Valentine’s Day about God’s will to give us a partner in life and how he said that it is OK to desire for someone who is here in the flesh because God is spirit and this partner God will give is also part of God’s provision for us, and an expression of God’s love for us. I sincerely believe this. I still agree in the validity of that need and God’s pleasure to give us a mate who will reflect his character, as our union with that person shall also be a reflection of God’s relationship with His Bride.

But for my generation, I cannot but dare challenge us to open our hearts and spirits to a higher call of laying down of rights to intimacy with a human partner because I sense that whereas we are approaching a time when the return of the Bridegroom is so near, we also experience the most intense of longings for INTIMACY, UNION and CONSUMMATION of love.

I dare declare that this is the time when we will see a generation commit to greater levels of consecration — even single men and women who honestly have a great desire to find a mate and yet who will lay down that desire even for a season if not for a lifetime — not out of legalism or rigid Christianity, but out of a passionate revelation of the excellencies of the Bridegroom.

I pray this prayer today, “God, I would hide my heart, Oh God I would hide my heart, even at the age of 28, I would still hide my heart, in a place where only you can find it. Oh I would hide it in place that I know only you know, so only you will find it.” Not because I have lost all desire for marriage and intimacy with the man that you have been preparing for me. But every thing now pales compared to the perfection of Jesus.

You are the most excellent of lovers. Your song is the Song of all songs. My heart has found peace and the most radical love that drowns and satisfies every need that I have.

Oh God that we would hide our hearts in that place where no one else can go but You. That we would not flaunt our beauty before men but will let the wine of our emotions and affections go straight to you our Lover. That we would find ecstasy in being hidden, in meeting daily with our Lover for romantic rendezvous – spirit to spirit, not in soulish pursuits, but in a heightened awareness of His reality and existence.

And I know that this the assurance that we have, that even as desire and expectation is elevated, so is the lavishness of God’s response. Where there seemed to be lack for a sense of His presence, this time time there will be more romance that there has ever been in generations past because our hearts, our spirits have also been opened to the possibility of such a depth of intimacy with our Beloved Savior, to such a depth of longing, to such a width of manifest presence. I dare believe that there is more revelation of Jesus as Lover today that there has ever been. And this is my consolation, that he meets me like never before because I have dared believe that he REALLY is ALL that I need.


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