photo album: white, black, silver and something else

As some of you know, we’re moving to our new house in Marikina and I’m finally going to have a room – after 7 years of camping in the desert of our living room eating quail and manna… Hurray!

It took a while before my mom & dad (especially my dad) finally came to terms with the idea that: I wanted my room WHITE – every wall, cabinet panel, ceiling, bed… white! Only the furniture and accessories will have color. I wanted the room to work as some kind of canvass and I wanted black, silver and just another color to go with the white backdrop. I’m still trying to make up my mind what color that is but it just might be red, indigo or blue. 🙂

white & silver

Oh well, in the mean time, we’ve been shopping and window shopping for some stuff. Check out these photos of some stuff I found.:

And I’m hoping to find more “black” for the room including a black lamp and perhaps black ottoman and black framed mirror… Wacha think? Silver stuff sounds cool too. Cause so far, the last pillow case I bought is also white. (no pix here) Hahahaha… So I’ve got too much white going on. Need some color color color!


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