my panic pays off in efforts to watch ladies figure short program live

I have been hoping to catch the 2010 Olympics ladies figure skating live on TV or via webstream. However, I was not able to prepare for it the other day. Right in the middle of the performances, I found myself still uninformed which channel on TV I can catch the action live! And oh no the top contenders were already about to skate!

By then I was on the Olympics website really impressed by the real time updates of the competitors’ scores right after each one finishes performing. (Considering my slow internet connection, it still gave quick updates! just amazing!) But there was no webstream available so I found myself panicking and logging on to the Olympics site’s facebook status feed where different Olympics watchers can enter their fb status and the posts just scroll down continuously in one box. Check it out, real cool!:

olympics facebook status feed

So there I was in panic. The status posts were scrolling really fast meaning there are a lot of people watching and posting…! I posted an SOS status asking where I can catch the show online live… I also tried to google it but to no avail. But viola! When I got back, different people had posted as their status replies to my query! Hahaha! I checked out the link and YES I was able to catch the girl who performed before Mao Asada. Mao Asada was followed by Yuna Kim and a most of the other top contenders for the ladies figure skating title! Yieeeey!

After finding the live webstream, I realized there was no sound only to discover that the player volume was down. hahaha! Talk about mental block when in panic!

The funny thing though is… I can actually watch it on TV. I learned this this morning. That’s another story though which I will write about in a while as my next blog entry. 😉


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