Oh no! Did I just miss the ladies’ free skate???

Before I begin, can I just say again that the Olympics Website is so cool!

After my crazy time 2 days ago when I tried to catch the ladies figure skating short programs, I reminded myself to prepare for the free skate (medal event) this time. So I was prepared to check the same link I used to watch live web streaming and be up before 9am (which was the time in Manila when the competition will start). But guess what? I had to finish work last night until 4am and because I stayed up that late……. I OVERSLEPT!

I actually woke up in the morning but I fell asleep again. Then I dreamed! Then I woke up again, this time, fully conscious that, “It’s 12PM!!!” Oh no! Did I just miss the ladies’ free skate???

I went online – 2010 Olympics Figure Skating page – to realize that the top skaters (Kim, Asada, Rochette, Nagasu, Ando, and Flatt) had not performed yet! But one of these 6 was about to take her turn already – like 2 or 3 skaters away… Whoa! I realized I woke up just in time. I looked for the link only to find out that it’s no longer good. They don’t seem to have the webcast this time. I someone said I can view it live on channel 9 or solar sports. I switch on the TV and hoped to find channel 9. (Last time I looked for it, it took eternity to find it.) I ended up landing on Solar Sports. Wooot wooot! Ando was skating. Followed by Yuna. (Btw, Yuna’s my fave so I was ecstatic when I learned I had not missed her performance yet.)

It was my first time to try to watch figure skating Olympics live. Usually I’d just check out what happened through youtube. But I’ve seen the Yuna’s phenomenal skating prowess on youtube months before and the 19-year-old is really something to watch out for. Besides, it’s not so bad a plight for someone who misses skating so much. But what amazes me is how I suddenly woke up just in time for the best skaters’ turn to skate. I really felt that God woke me up for me to be able to watch this morning. I find it rather sweet that God could be so near and affectionate even if I had really irritating and distracting thoughts the night before, followed by stupid cheesy dreams that night. God is just awesome. Love love. 🙂

In case you’re wondering about the results. Here you go. (Mark the big gap between gold medalist Kim Yuna and silver medalist Miki Ando.):

Yu-na Kim won South Korea’s first Olympic figure skating medal, skated a clean and perfect program, and beat the highest score in the new scoring system (which she was also the one who set)!

S Korea's first figure skating champion!

Silver Medalist Mao Asada also set a world record by landing triple axels in her program.

Joannie Rochette braved the ice and won the bronze, skating barely a week after her mom died of cancer.

This is one heck of a batch, I must say. During Michelle Kwan’s time (2002-04 Olympics), Lipinski’s winning jump was her triple toe-half loop-triple salchow jump combination. Kwan and Lipinski do the triple lutz-double toe and double axel. But this time, the battle is just no longer the same! Kim is known for her superb triple lutz-triple toe combination (where is the triple-double now???) while Asada is the only woman who lands triple axels in competition. I don’t know what else to say…!


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