return of the dream tides

it’s happening again, a series of dreams waking me up early. i don’t usually get up before 6am but today, it’s one of ‘those days’ when puzzling scenarios from dreamland get me wide awake and writing on my journal.

some parts of the dream looked familiar… recurring symbols you may call it. some parts, are just plain un-decodable. at least for now. maybe it will change after i pray. yes, yes… but let me just jot down the elements in my dreams that got my attention:

invaders (recurring)

secret basement

secret opening on the floor

ywam baguio

my friend from ywam

talk about guitar playing

“japanese sticks”

customized “egg shakers”

laptops and gadgets

burning laptop and laptop sleeve

long hug from my former sunday school student

there you go. hopefully we’ll figure it out later… or sooner, which i prefer.


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