so, who’s following you (on twitter)?

i realized that i have not yet checked my list of twitter followers for quite some time now. people who i believe i am not following just suddenly mention me in their tweets so i thought i’d better update my following list…

i only have very few followers. just a bit over a hundred. allow me to categorize them.:
1. friends
2. causes and organizations
3. seo/mktg ppl who are there to promote services, websites and what you haves (so they follow me bec. they want me to follow them so their sites will get more hits.
4. uncategorized

it is the last category that interested me much. these are practically people i do not know, neither are they promoting anything, their tweets seem to be personal and not marketing inclined, and uhm their not exactly form nearby…

to those with twitter accounts, i guess you know what i mean. i am baffled why some of those people are following me. one of them has a korean name. errr. is a korean following me? why? one of them is from America and i can’t even understand the slang words in his twitter posts. hahaha. but another one has really funny and interesting tweets so i followed him. hey, i guess they’re not the only ones allowed to follow people they don’t know right? even if you don’t have any common interests, you just happened to thing their tweets are funny.

so, who’s following you?

(and do their profiles make you ask, do i know you???)


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