PROPHECIES FOR THE PHILIPPINES by Rev. Abu Bako, November 21-23, 2006

(note: I just copied this verbatim from the IFP’s handout for the 17th National Prayer Gathering. Please forgive errors in syntax or grammar you might notice.)

I’ve got news from you, from the little that I know of God. This is a DIFFERENT TIME altogether in the seasons of God’s dealings with the Philippines. This is a different season altogether. This is the time that there will be a REBIRTH of a NEW NATION.

And from this night I believe that God shall begin to express Himself in all the facets of society. For we are about to see so much of the manifestation of God in the family like we have never seen before. I see God changing this nation into a different type of nation which it shall become like an apostle and an evangelist. Listen to that again. I see God take this nation to a place that the nation itself has an apostolic mandate and a calling and a nature on her and then also an evangelistic mantle. Because this nation is going to begin to even reach out to so many nations, and I see that in 5 years time
, God will cause people to begin to marvel whether it’s the same Philippines they knew before. For I hear God saying, in another 18 months I will give yo clearly a SIGN that I’ll come to turn around the situation in this nation. And I see God beginning to move people as people listen to Him, within 9 months the church will begin to receive REPOSITIONING. I see God reposition people, I see God reposition even people in the government, and I see God doing some shakings, and as He shakes, He’s going to begin to shake out those things that have to be shaken out, and will begin to plant that which has to be planted. I see God beginning to change even the PSYCHE & the DISPOSITION & the MINDSET of people in this nation. I see God bringing the Filipinos to a place where indeed they understand they are SERVANTS of the Most High God, but they are NOT INFERIOR to any man, or any race. And I see God bringing the Filipinos to a place where indeed they will become the ones that help in many other nations.

“As He is, so ARE WE in this world.” I want you know the reason why the church needs to move forward is because this is the season of the BEGINNING of the END-TIME REVIVAL. I heard that clearly from God. God said at the end of last year, that this year will be the beginning of the End-Time Revival, then about 8, 9 weeks ago, God said specifically, this is the season. Since we are in different season, you must have a different attitude, different disposition, different way of doing things, and from now on, your prayer life must become a different type of prayer life. And every LIMITATION is about to be taken out of your life, in the Name of Jesus.

PRAYER: “Every limit in your life, I command to be lifted now in the Name of Jesus. Every HINDRANCE in your life, I declared removed in the Name of Jesus. Every single thing that has DISSUADED you, DELAYED you, DENIED you access into the place

God meant for you, I declare it removed it the Name of Jesus. I judge every spirit of lethargy, I judge every spirit of laziness, I judge every spirit of procrastination, I judge every spirit of lateness, I judge every spirit that causes you to be late to wherever God wants you to go in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. And I usher you into your POSITION IN GOD, your position in life, your position in this season, your position in this generation In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I bind every spirit of limitation, I bind every spirit that hinders, I bind every spirit of oppression. In the Name of Lord Jesus Christ, I declare you ushered into a place of FREEDOM, that you will the one that will go delivering the people of God.”

(Nov. 22, 2006 Afternoon Session) Did you know that from this night, the limits your life have had had been taken off? Two significant things that are going to happen. Two nations that have exploited the PHilippines are going to begin to seek ways to make reparations within the next 2 years. Just mark it down. But beyond that, God is going to cause people to arise from here with new technologies to exploit, not in the negative sense, but be able to access the wealth that is n the land, in such a way that you will end up being an example to many Asian countries, and God is going to begin to give you technologies to replenish the land. That’s what I just saw.

(Nov. 22, 2006 Last Session) I see unprecedented levels of the manifestation of the angels of God. There will be angelic manifestation at unprecedented levels. People are going to begin to see angels. People are going to begin to hear conversations in the realm of the Spirit. You will hear angels conversing about the Philippines. You’ll hear angels speaking concerning certain things in the Philippines. The family units and the family structures of the Philippines are going to be re-arranged. I see God doing that within the next 1 year, 2 months or just 14 months.

I see God re-arranging some things right now. I see God begin to re-arrange some things in the government of the Philippines. I see a clear sign in 10 months. I see another sign in 18 months. I see God begin to shake and shake and shake and shake and shake, so that those things which cannot be shaken are left. I see God arising and beginning to reign in all those that have been trying to devastate the land, and trying to oppress man, and oppress the people of the land. I see God begin to reign them in.

I see angels going now, releases (???)the kingdom in check. Oh I see God releasing different kinds of angels, angels that are in charge of war. I see them go to various strategic locations, 3 locations right now in this proclamation and beginning to arrest every trouble-maker. I see God arise and His enemies are scattering in different directions. I see God beginning to do some things that people have not even dreamt could be done in this nation. I see God begin to cause men and women that have never acknowledged Him, they begin to acknowledge Him publicly.

I see also certain visitations of things that will look like natural disasters, but He is just waiting to see what the Church will do in response. For when the Church arises, it shall be able to stop some of those things coming. I see floods, floods, floods, but when the Church arises, the floods shall be stopped. I see some things happening, that God is causing men and women that are ready to take their rightful position, and speak into the winds, and speak into the sun, moon , the starts, into the heavens, and say, “O heavens, hear the Word of the Lord. This is what God is saying.” And they will begin to see God respond in such a way that they themselves will be astounded, says God. Hallelujah.

(Nov. 23 Consultation – Scepter Teaching) Jesus can begin to rule in the Philippines and Jesus will rule in the Philippines. Jesus is about to rule in the Philippines. I see Him ruling in the Philippines. I see the fact that He is raising people all over the nation, from different parts of the nation, some of them are not even here in the meeting and God is beginning to raise them and you hear them popping out from different directions. And they will begin to take their rightful place. And they will begin to declare and say, “not when I’m here this cannot happen. You cannot continue.” And you will see God will bak them up because they have allowed themselves to become scepters in His hands. And then it will be the time for you to pray, “God, we strengthen that scepter. We say Lord, go ahead and raise more scepters. And Lord, help us not slip into the room of jealousy. But let us get into the room of reinforcement in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.” For the time is coming that God will raise more and more of His own scepters in this nation. And I see the Spirit of God beginning to move people and stir them up. Some of them don’t fully understand, that will be the time you need to go to them and show them what it is all about, in the spirit of meekness and not the spirit of pride. And you will show them because God Himself will now begin to promote more and more even those in this place. For I see that in the next three and a half years, God will bring the church into the place where she has such a voice that literally she has the deciding vote.


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