like bubbles

then it happened. the song no longer smell of or breathe the same sentiments. favorite scents were nostalgia and desire. and yeah, nothing wrong with longing and hope. but this is better than the sweetness of expectancy. this is careless joy. unripe but ready for the picking. it will ripen in your hands. as you smile at yourself.

this is the same song. yet it has a different air.

the deep sigh has been turned into sudden smiles. like bubbles are floating over your head. like when smoke’s been blown far far away by a minty breeze. inhale-exhale. the song is light and at ease. in fact, all songs are like this, right now. even emo ones, they seem to giggle with a carefree spirit. unashamed. unconcerned. un-anything. just happy.

it should make me cry, but now it makes me beam. i… can’t explain why just so suddenly all melodies are the same. they are all smiling, despite sorrow, they smile. another world has given me colored lenses. yes. and it is one where music is changed by the hearer’s heart.


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