food, yogurt, pasta, and prayer

i love eating. i love ice cream and yogurt. i love food. and i’m a practical spender. in tagalog, “matipid ako.” (i know it’s not an accurate translation. haha)

well, can i just share four reasons why i was blessed last friday.

first. God moved mightily during the inter-church prayer meeting (4th friday in a row) i attended (at vcf ortigas) with my friend lyn. like one pastor said, he loves his church but he loves it more when he sees different churches come together like that. i love it too! and it’s something worth missing lunch, missing sleep, and missing a whole lot of what you haves over there. haha… there was a sweep of humility, repentance, hope, and much faith and love for the nation. just awesome!

second. it’s been a while since i had some bonding time w/ my friend. i remember the first time we went out and it was such a divine appointment as God moved in our hearts. well, this time, i was still blessed because:
~my updates to her were really updates! 1st time we had breakfast, i was telling her about my friends’ dream about me and this time i told her how one of those dreams actually came to pass already! woah! how faithful is our God??!!
~she shared to me how she’s been praying for her non-Christian officemate and how another friend of hers who is a Christian is praying for another officemate – God had given them burdens to pray for those people. well, her workplace also used to be my workplace! and i sowed prayers for that company! i really felt God saying, “see! i am doing something. i did see your tears and gathered your prayers to answer them at the right time riz!” how faithful and awesome is our God?!
~last, we ate a lot! and it was gorgeous eating with someone who also loves to eat and who also takes so much time to decide what meal to order. lolz. and she also likes ice cream, deserts and yogurt! and pareho kaming naghahanap palagi ng budget meal. i love it! i don’t feel “matakaw” when i’m with this person. patas lang kami. hahaha!


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