edited July 3, 2010

today is for those who have waited.

leave tomorrow for those on a journey.

do you see?
faith has laughed its way to miracles
doubters can learn to un-doubt
and shake off the dust of unbelief
eyes that see can turn into eyes that perceive
and hearts that have trusted
have trusted right
today, i can laugh at myself for the days i wept.
today, i weep again, not in sorrow but in joy.
today, the clouds almost kissed my valley
from where before i closed my eyes
they were but high up crowning mountain peaks.
today, tomorrow reached to me its hand
would not let go, would not let me run
i thought i had fought hard
but i have the sense that i am about to realize
that it was tomorrow which fought hard for me
it was grace that gripped and pulled me
to where i should be



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