new glasses, eye bags, and cramming

i swear, i should have gotten my new pair of glasses months ago! so after torturing my eyes for a couple of months, finally had them made…!

oh… they’re not as cute as my first pair, but they’re more comfortable. the first pair is rimless, very fragile and thin, and has smaller lenses… keeps sliding down my nose… has lower grade on the left eye and accdg. to the optical shop, was already full of scratches, making it stressful for my eyes to use. uh-oh that’s why… 😦
now let’s talk about eye bags. harhar. they’re still there! and they’re not getting cuter due to constant lack of sleep. they don’t exactly match my glasses, yet i’m glad i can see better now (because of the glasses and not the eye bags).
and then cramming. this is an activity i have been trying to avoid. but it has relentlessly followed me like a lovesick lover. sometimes i’d be staring into the computer screen with eyes already painful from stress. (if only i could read with my eyes closed?) i know this is not exactly good regimen for my eye bags but work is work and it needs to be done! then again, i’m glad my eyeglasses are adjusted now. although a while ago, i was a bit concerned because the screen seemed blurry even though i had my glasses on… perhaps, it’s because eye glasses aren’t there to take away stress, they’re just there to make your vision clearer.
now let’s add a bonus paragraph. you can’t see my brain in that picture – i’m glad. there comes hours in our lives when we don’t know how to begin what we need to do and so we decide to take photos using using photo booth (if you’re a mac user) hoping the flash will get your brain juices flowing… but i don’t think it worked for me because after those shots, i fell asleep.
i guess that’s all for now… good morning everyone. have a precious day. Jesus is crazy about you. 🙂


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