some 20+ years ago, while i was still a toddler, i attended a birthday party where Jollibee was a special guest. i didn’t know yet then that he was famous so my parents and sister had to force me to have my picture taken with the huge orange bee carrying me.

no way. who is that chubby bee anyway? stranger…

the memory is still quite crisp and clear. my sister (who was 2 years older than i) just had to find a way to convince me. “Jollibee can fly sister… He’ll take you high up in the sky…Don’t you want that? High high up!” These words freaked me out. Is that safe? I’m not sure about flying… and falling? Errr, how can we make sure my lungs and little frame are equipped for the stratosphere? No no no.

Thinking that they’ve convinced me, they handed me over to Jollibee. I burst into tears.

Traumatic eh? Precisely why I could still remember it till now. I was around 3 years old then.

But yesterday I saw HIM again! Mr. Jabi! Boy I was no longer scared. And just to prove that I’ve grown already into a young lady who recognizes that Jabi can’t carry her into the stratosphere, I had this photo taken. Evidence that the old is gone and the new has come. 😉


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