roller coaster day

i accidentally “advance-purchased” the wrong tickets – 8 of them – to a UAAP basketball game. i had to pay for them even though i couldn’t use them… i’ve texted all the friends i could think of but… well… they don’t want to buy the tickets. i’ve asked God to help out. but have not really listened well to what his suggestion is… so i did. haha. why didn’t i think of that God?! so i posted an ad on our ateneo email group. hours later, people started to reply. weee!

well, let’s just say i got a bit confused as to who to prioritize, the one who’s buying more tickets or the one who first emailed. asking for God’s wisdom and guidaaaance, yebah.. i finally ended up selling it to the most gracious bidder – the one who was quick to reply to my messages and at the same time was willing to get all the remaining tickets. she’s heaven-sent.

so there i was grateful and so happy ’cause God made “pakitang gilas” to me again. how well he accomplishes our requests… when suddenly i end up stuck in marikina waiting for my parents to finish their errand. sigh.

see, i chose not to watch the game in araneta for 2 reasons: 1) financial – wanted to avoid expenses and since i intend to watch the cheering competition, i opted not to watch the game… 2) pressure from work – i have lots of deliverables pending and i’m so pressured to get them done so i’d rather work than watch basketball.

but there i was, waiting on the wind… sigh… yes God, i’m pissed, hurt, and irritated. what do i do?

see, God allowed it. he allowed me to get stuck there to ruin my plans and learn to do things his way. “Riza, what do you do if things don’t turn out the way you want them to? Do you rebel or do you look for the silver lining on the otherwise gloomy dark clouds? Who will you choose to listen to, the voice of disappointment or the voice of wisdom?”

you see i was so pissed to the point that i didn’t want to read my bible while waiting. but i didn’t want to waste my time either, so i asked for the grace to do what’s right. soon i was reading the bible, then praying.

and of course there were more delays because we had to pass by the grocery. when i got back home, i went back to my research thingie. i still could not finish it. somehow, i couldn’t find the missing piece.

perhaps additional 3 or 4 hrs would have helped. but perhaps it wouldn’t make any difference. but asking God does. so that’s what i’m doing now. asking God how to finish this task.

i still don’t know the answer.

and, i think, before it gets crazier, i’d rather sleep.


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