Holy Spirit, thank you for my computer chair. It feels good against my back.
Delayed thanks for the table and printer… this instant work corner i now have here at home.
Had it not been for the Holy Spirit’s patience with me, these blinders would have not fallen off my eyes.
I know, i know, what does a computer chair have to do with blinders…

Well, weeks ago, i requested that our printer be transferred from my sister’s house to my house. She does not really need it much because she already has a printer in her office. When the printer got here, my dad instantly fixed a corner in our house for me (without me asking), putting a computer table, setting up the printer, and at my request, my mom added a computer chair, something that we have lots of here at home. (They came from the office that we closed years back.)

Then tell you what… I realized how retarded i was. i have been complaining about backaches due to the absence of a desk and a chair. And my friend shina has been repeatedly telling me to get a chair. (Yup, i work either on the floor or on the sofa.) But i never really did something about it. i just assumed that there’s not enough space in our small home. i used to look around and give up right after seeing that there’s no available table and chair. apparently, there were, i just didn’t notice or just did not look hard enough. and i realized that we could push for some space if we just chose to be intentional.

Then see the Holy Spirit made me realize how retarded i was. Something as simple as this, i could not do for myself. i had been asking God to help me but i never tried beyond just “looking around.”

But yes yes, God should have spanked me but instead He made a way for me. I’m sorry God for being too slow and acting helpless when i should be exercising my faculties. a bit more patience… gentle rebukes… pls don’t judge me guys for this. let’s just learn. promise i’m trying to change.


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