My Lover

*Purge me of MY shallow words, MY pledges of foolishness, passion unsubstantiated, flaky promises, and all forms of cowardice that make me run away rather than endure fire when it begins to rage.

but your bride said that you are
the most handsome of ALL men
and you have pursued me even before
there was any beauty in me
and you say to me,
“don’t try to understand my love,
it is too much for you”

I must (get to) know you
If I don’t, I might shut my door on you
Your appearance has been romanticized
but the prophet said
there was nothing beautiful about it
the men that came to you
were not lured by your complexion
who are you?

who are you?
the one who never ceased to wait
the one who never ceased to watch me
the one who never ceased…

the words of my youth
you cherished as much
as the words of my womanhood
who am i to know you?
yet you are running
after me

who are you when i am not looking?
and most of the time, i am not
who are you when i am attentive?
you pour out as much as i can hold

who are you? the man i do not know
the man who knows me well
the man i’ve never seen
the man, whose face i hope i’d recognize

i will run.

Isaiah 53:2b
Psalm 130
Song of Songs

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