lost on a saturday

the caffeine has subsided… at least 90% of its effect has… i’m still feelin’ a bit off. was not able to spend some time in quiet today. same old problem. “where do i do it” well, i could just throw my face into the pillow and plug in my earplugs. why i did not do that, i don’t know.

my greatest accomplishment for the day so far is eating breakfast. because of this, i’m not having a headache right now. i’m still a bit sluggish though. has to be the late nights (or ’til mornings) i’ve been spending awake. but i’ve stopped doing that intentionally since last night. if not for the caffeine, i would have been gone by 11pm.

i’m working on a saturday. scurrying off to the rink. haven’t had lunch and it’s almost 2pm. i think i should marry a chef. but before that i have to fix my life and vow to never miss my quiet time despite the noise — EVERYWHERE.


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