it’s always nice when i get to be alone in a room while playing some powerful fun worship music. reminds me of how good it feels to dance like crazy.

friday morning, i remember asking God for greater things that day. encouragement… anything happy and more than the usual. sometimes i forget to ask like Jabez. that day, thank God i remembered.

God never fails. after God-time, i got ready to start off with my morning errand. it got postponed. i ended up coming early for work at the ice rink. wow. the rink was close to being empty. well… if you ain’t got students and there ain’t much going on the ice, might as well enjoy the exclusive space… i haven’t tried jumping axels for like 7 years now… well, why not try now? suddenly, i just had the courage to jump (this rarely happens nowadays since i’m not exactly in good shape now). but God was up to something. for some reason i had the desire and excitement and faith to do it. must be the movie i watched last wednesday – facing the giants. hahaha. so a bit of warm up, preparation jumps and off i jumped the axel. tada…! i almost landed it. waaaaah. am i dreaming??? i was definitely nervous and a bit shaky. but i was fighting the tension off. i knew God was giving me faith for this. hahaha. i tried it again. i landed it. did i just… land… it…? i landed 3 or 4 more jumps. i also fell a couple of times. but God it feels good to jump again. and yes it even feels good to fall again. my first surprise for the day.

after that i got a bit dizzy. so i rested. then came the students… 4 assists in a row! not a single idle minute! my 2nd surprise for that day.

i was told that we’d be interviewed too for our application in MOA ice rink…since the megamall rink is closing on aug.31, most of us applied in MOA (another surprise yes bec. i only found out about the interview that day when i got to the rink.) well… the interview went really well. i was surprised because i didn’t know that my boss thought highly of me. i learned that because he spoke well of me to my other interviewer during our interview. my other interviewer (there were 2 of them) was also very pleased. kulang nalang i-hire na niya ako. i swear i wanted to jump and clap my hands as i walked out of the office. but i didn’t want to look crazy and too overjoyed. nakakahiya… toinx. it was the favor that i’ve been asking God for consistently. i’ve asked and asked and declared and declared. i realized it has always been there. it just took an interview in order for God to show me. 3rd surprise for the day.

it was almost 5pm and by that time i was starving. i didn’t have lunch so i grabbed some food and went straight to my lifenet meeting with the teens. ages 12-14. di pa pala teen ung iba… i honestly think we had fun. they had a lot of questions. and they seemed very interested… wow. i wasn’t expecting it because i was warned that some of them might be pasaway. hahaha… well, we’ll see as time goes by. lol. in the mean time, surprise no. 4.

as i was commuting back to where i was staying that night… i felt a bit bored having to go home early. i haven’t had dinner yet (although i had late lunch… pero goto lang po kc yon) so i kinda prayed to God where the heck am i going to have dinner and i wished i could hang out a bit. then came ryzl texting me if i wanna join their victory@25 celebration. i was walking inside gateway mall that time… on my way to the mrt station… i asked where it was. lo and behold, it was just a couple of strides away down at araneta coliseum. i said i’ll be there in a jiffy. we had late dinner afterwards. answered prayer again. surprise no. 5.

and it all started with asking God that morning. and dancing like crazy. it works quite well in stirring up faith. i mean, dancing works well for me. i don’t know maybe you should try it too. one lazy morning, try dancing for God. and asking for miracles… even small ones. or big ones. whichever you think suits your day. 🙂 Jesus always makes a way!


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