i’ve been busy with a lot of things lately and i don’t know why is it that just when there’s so much to write about, i can’t seem to write. thoughts would also come whenever i don’t have my laptop or a pen and paper with me. and yes, thoughts disappear the moment i open my notepad or blog.

i am tired but excited. sometimes i feel like my head is going to explode. add commentaries that hardly soothe the tension. please give me some room to breathe…

i’ve stepped into a raging river and when i thought that i was expected to swim, i realize i am expected to just be swept away. but there are the usual things of day to day. it drives me crazy to think that things could still be so ordinarily demanding even after i’ve stepped into the extraordinary. i wake up, fix my pillows, see my messy clutter that i’ve left unkempt the night before. my mind flies to bigger things as i manage to attend to small chores of day to day. day to day… it is a challenge to stay focused until i’ve washed and hung my last piece of laundry. we cannot shrink back from the bigger things, even if we’ve got big small things at hand – chores, work, finances, etc. it’s the bigger things that make us relevant. it’s the small things that make us steadfast.

as i pursue to balance life as God made it. haha. i hope i will not let go of the big thing. life can get smaller everyday if we let it. but today, this year – 2009, it simply is not the year for shrinkers to stay small.

after 40 days of being silent in facebook… i finally broke my fast yesterday. and surprise, i lost all the notifications. hahaha! oh well, who cares… hahaha…


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