Ako ay Pilipino

“for such a time as this.” we’ve heard this phrase so many times. but what do the words “time as this” really refer to? this year? last year? the span of time from seven years back ’til present? the span of now til whenever we still feel like it is? the phrase seems as though it has always been characterized by relativity and vagueness. maybe some think that it is a span of 10 years or even 40…

i am convinced however that today more than ever, we have finally touched the ground where time has become more specific than uncertain. for the first time in nine years, it is clear to me that i stand face to face with a timer about to lapse less in about a year. i dare say, that kairos and kronos are about to meet.

in 2007, cindy jacobs prophesied that the next 2 years in our nation will determine whether we would go into greatness or another era of struggle with bondage. i used the word era because the next opportune time might take years or even decades (490 years perhaps). that word was released if you will notice, 2 years before the coming national elections. it was as though God is saying, the coming national elections is more crucial than any other elections you’ve had.

months back, God gave me a word: Daniel 9. it speaks of the end of israel’s 490 years of captivity and how Daniel’s recognition of the kairos time (and praying it into fulfillment) ushered israel into it’s time of release from bondage. as i pondered on the word, i wondered if our nation is anywhere near 490 years of anything… then God confirmed the word through another fellow intercessor. we prayed Daniel 9. little did i know that we are indeed about to enter (in 2011) our 490th year since the time our archipelago was discovered (1521)… i learned this as bishop dan balais preached about Proclamation Daniel 9:24. that was way after God gave our prayer group the word to take Daniel 9. God confirmed the word. The sense of urgency intensifies with each day that passes by. (i mean this literally and not figuratively.) I have never experienced such a sense in my spirit of a great responsibility and accountability. As though the hinge of history is about to swing our nation’s future and our prayers and obedience maneuvers the swing… and when i say obedience, i mean obedience to God’s unction to wrestle for our nation. To be an obedient student, child, employee, or church member is one thing. But to be a lover of our country and a protagonist in seizing it’s destiny based on the SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS AND PROMISES GOD HAS GIVEN US is another thing.

We have been calling for people to run with a vision for transforming and reforming the nation for like seven years now… and we had often said that we are willing to run “until” this race is won… until righteousness reigns in our nation. But today, there is NOT JUST a need for people who will believe but a need for individuals and groups that will ACT based on a clear recognition of our TIME and SEASON. and this is the time we are in… we are in the last stretch of the battle. if we faint now, the timer will lapse while we are slumbering. yes, even if we are zealously working for God, we can miss God’s crucial work in our country.

Late last year, God gave me a dream about the seat of the land being at stake. And there were invaders about to seize the throne from the citizens of the land. the dream ends with the people inside a church one by one being asked to profess then he is Cuban. i realized that my turn is about to come and as i anticipated that moment, i realized that i must say “i am filipino” with whatever courage i had at that time. it was my moment to do choose between doing something that i will be proud of or something that will sell my inheritance to the enemy of my soul.

As the election date draws near, the same battle that we have been facing for so many years until now still remain. it is a battle for our identity and pride as filipinos. for decades, many of us have chosen to have a peacetime mentality. we have shrunk back and surrendered our pride and identity to the dogs. who are we really? do we know our identity and are we proud? let us admit, most of us are no different from the typical kababayan who slanders his own race every now and then as if he is not pointing to himself everytime he speaks ill towards the “Filipino.”

My real question is, is this the mentality that we are going to bring as we make our way to the polling stations? And yes, not even everyone wants to vote! Why? Because many have GIVEN UP! And even if we have decided to vote on that day, what will be the greatest influence over our vote? Is it hope? Or is it pessimism? Is it righteousness? Or is it compromise?

We have been dreaming and hoping for a RULER to take that seat of authority over our nation and restore to us our INTEGRITY and PRIDE as Filipinos. We say that we are a democracy and that we have the power to choose who will rule over us. And yet time and time again, we end up with people who disappoint if not, embarrass us… Could it be, that the reason for our OUTWARD shame in the government is RoOTED in our inwARd shame towards our very own selves. Do we really love our nation? Many of us say we do. But how OBVIOUS has it been in our lives?

“Ako ay Filipino.” Can you imagine yourself declaring these words with dignity and pride even if you are in another nation? If not, then just like me, you have something to ponder about… Be it that we would deal with it before the next election draws to a close. OUR future depends ON YOUR convictions. and your convictions are nothing without real actions.

What is God’s mandate over your life this day? What is he asking you to do for your nation. I plead with you, do it NOW. There is no time to lose.


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