who will finish the race?

Lou Engle said in one of his preachings that in Israel, during the time when there was so much corruption, the Nazirites were a sign that God had not given up on a nation. “WHEN YOU SAW THE NAZIRITES, YOU’D KNOW THAT GOD HAD NOT GIVEN UP ON A NATION!” During a time of moral depravation and all sorts of breakdown (financial, social, etc.), God raises up a NEW BREED — a man, or as in this case, a GENERATION that will run hard after HIM and the purposes of HIS HEART. A generation that will groan the very groanings of God. A people that has come to understand the UNQUENCHABLE love of God, a love that is RELENTLESS, and a love that SHALL NOT, WILL NOT surrender His people to the enemy of their soul. A people that will fight for the VERY THING that is IN GOD’s HEART.

This reminds me of Michelle’s vision and word about the heart of God for the nation. That God in his intense compassion and longing, wants to come… but finds lukewarmness in our invitation… Where has our hunger gone?

Have we started something in HUNGER and then eventually REFUSED to finish it. We have FAINTED somewhere along the way! We have forgotten the promises of God or we simply lost heart or faith. Our nation (they say) has a history of unfinished revolutions! But see, it is time we finish this revolution that we started. Fainting is not an option. Because if we faint, we will be worse off than those who never ran the race! For it will be like losing something that was really meant for us. Trading our inheritance for a bowl of soup! (of what? soup?)


And I hear the voice of Lord echoing this words, who will finish this revolution? Sabi nga ng song ni Jason Upton, ‘justice is waiting.’ SEE the Lord has given us a PROMISE (promises!) and when the mouth of the Lord has spoken, it is a SACRED thing. God is not man that He should lie!

I have been praying with JREV even before the word to gather for a Solemn Assembly in Luneta had been received. (2000-2001) And I am still here right now because I simply BELIEVED. God’s word, I believe will come to pass. And I DARE NOT surrender what has already been SECURED.

And the eyes of the Lord are looking to and fro across the earth for a people that is truly HIS…. Whose hearts are completely His… crying out the very cry of a just God wanting to rescue a nation from sin, injustice and corruption… WHO WILL FINISH THE REVOLUTION?


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