She rises from bed earlier than dawn
Her footsteps gentle but heart beating wild
A love not quenched, undaunted by time and waiting
puts on eternity today.

Her robe, radiant than shimmering stones,
pales beside her countenance
Eyes, face, and form steal the stage from the sunrise
as her hair romances with the breeze
Awake and ready before the sun yawned from the horizon
Her invitation has captured the morn.

Burst out sunlight
Shed rays on a banquet being set
The bride has put on the last pieces of her jewelry
The bridegroom is hurrying back from a year’s journey
Longing has intensified and ripened through time
Witness this rite that seals together two destinies

Tomorrow she will rise up from bed
hair uncombed, tangled up, but gracefully falling
The scent of first morning

Frailty unclothed, unguarded before him but safe inside him
In love he has secured her uncertainties
He is the risk she has taken. In risk, she has secured his embrace.


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