If you saw this in a congee you ordered at Chowking or Goto King, you’d probably freak out and demand for a refund. Where we had our outreach, we intentionally put the winged-creature in the congee… We call it local delicacy… some like to munch on them as appetizer, others eat them as viand. “Ulam,” we call them. So the next time we’re together when a kukarach flies in front, you’ll probably hear me say, “ULAM”! Don’t start looking at me as if I’m weird, ’cause where I was some weeks back, you’ll be the one who’s weird. *WINKZ*


2 thoughts on “KUKARACH INC. aka ULAM

  1. they’re not exactly cockroaches like we have ’em here. 🙂 they’re really edible insects. and they’re clean. I HOPE :O


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