Kids’ Camp Harvest

It was unlike any other night… In a land where not everyone has heard the name of Jesus and in a country where the kids are very much like the kids all around the world – desiring love, affection, and a sense of destiny… It is inevitable to not try to reconcile the fact that some of them do not have the comfort I used to have when I was young, the comfort of having a relationship with a Father whose love is nothing less than unconditional.

And so I told them this the evening before this evening, that God is waiting: I felt the heart of God wanting to embrace each one of them. It was intense, endearing and patiently waiting love. Arms wide open, but not one was running inside. Except for one youth, none responded. What could be holding them back, I wondered. But this was the night before.

Then came morning. Gradually we saw the hand of God shift the atmosphere. One by one, kids opened up. And one by one, they came to accept Jesus.

The night unlike any other night followed. Some thirty kids gave their hearts to Christ. You must understand, they were not just asked to utter some prayer. They were fully informed what they were getting into. And they said yes, to commitment and risk. Allow me to clarify.

First. Most of these kids have been attending church for two years already and they never chose to accept Jesus. They refused Christianity but they went to church either because of their parents, the financial support, the scholarship, or all of the above.

Second. Most of them were warned by their parents against Christianity. Some of them were even threatened to being sent away from home if they changed faith.

Third. One of them had to take several pauses while praying the salvation prayer. In the middle, this child would pause, out of fear that her parents will reject her after that. This is why I know that when they chose Jesus, the choice they made is weighty. It is not just a “yes” to God, but it is a “yes” to the possible consequences of their decision. And to think, many of them were not even in their teens.

So to all who made possible this party in heaven… (Thirty days have not yet passed since 32 came to Christ. And so if there is one party per day that started the day they received Jesus, the partying is still going on right now…) to all of those who made our outreach possible, this youth camp possible, THANK YOU! To the pastors and organizers, to our hosts, to our sponsors, to our prayer warriors, to the Bible school students, campers, and all the kids, THANK YOU!!!

I would often remember my sleepless nights when I was little, nights when I would run to God and into his embrace. It brings me peace to think that these kids can now run to DADDY GOD whenever they feel alone. And I remember my journey with Jesus. They now have the privilege of walking a journey that is extraordinary. Young as they are, they have opened their lives to seeing miracles.

All glory to God. 🙂


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