Untouchables: Blue Brothers in Laos

may 6, 2009 blog

these are the 2 brothers who shared their testimony (at the rightmost side). at the leftmost is adjan tom, our anointed interpreter, host pastor, and beloved friend.

Back in Laos where we met some of the most passionate people I’ve ever seen, the food will always remain sumptuous and the waterfalls simply breathtaking. Their worship is heartwarming and brought tears rolling down my cheeks. Some of them do not even know how to read that well, especially those from the tribes. But their hunger to study God’s word is just intense. Two men from the Blue Tribe shared with us their testimony of how God set their families free from oppressive spirits that have held them for years — one of the men’s mom acquires an intense fever every year because of the spirits in the mountains, most of them have to offer their livestock every so often just to appease these spirits. Appeasing the spirits was a way of life, or… used to be a way of life. But now, because of the power of God, they can enjoy good health and financial freedom (no more offering of cows to appease the spirits). God has become their father, fortress and redemption. How cool is that? I remember how we flee in fear from this spirits in Manila. In their tribe, warfare was a SIMPLE part of life. We were humbled to hear their testimonies. Some of them were even led through the fire without getting burned. In places like theirs, this was the way how God proves himself.

That was Laos and much more (of course). My clock is ticking, the bill for the computer rental is increasing (hehe). But I just can’t help but share. More to follow later. Let us give glory to Jesus and pray that we will have the same passion and faith these people have. Remember, Laos is a restricted nation. But in these people’s lives, restrictions do not limit them. In fact, God has set them apart as a group that is untouchable. All because of the power of God allowed to be made evident in their lives. They are our real-life 3 hebrew brothers… We have much to learn from them.


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