cool to know it’s hot…! (free wifi in SM marikina)

i had gotten so used to gateway that i never seriously considered expecting SM Marikina to have free wifi… but lo and behold! [my mom, on errand to SM Marikina, and me tagging along to get a free ride to Cubao (stop over ito…) decided to eat at the food court. i had my “office” with me. i thought i’d finish my offline work while waiting for her to finish eating. so i got my laptop, opened it, and said, ‘matesting nga kung may wifi. kung wala, keber… di ko naman kelangan eh…’ at the back of my head i was thinking, ‘asa ka riza, nasa SM ka, hindi araneta yan…’] but yeah yeah, lo and behold indeed, and there was! SM Free WiFI Zone – full bar pa!

well, this is how you get surprised because you never asked or tried… it did cross my mind to ask before but whatdaheck, sabi ko kc, SM yan… asa ka riza. hehehe. meron pala. hehe. lesson learned. don’t judge a book by it’s cover. read the cover. errr. anu daw?


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