back on ice

first time to skate again after more than a year. i was a bit worried that the padding inside my skates have dried up and it might crumble into powder anytime. fortunately, it was only the surface that had hardened a bit and most of it is still intact and strong. thank you Lord i don’t need to spend money to have the padding replaced!

more than 400 days (i think) since i last put on a pair of figure skates… there i was on the bench, excited and nervous. i know it would be painful – on my feet. i’d have to break the shoes in again. it will be stiff against my feet again. and pressure points will hurt. then i’d have to do this while adjusting to my first day as assist coach. assist coaching for the second time around. the 1st time was way back when i was in college…

minutes later, there i was back on the ice. looking around, everything felt familiar. seems like nothing has changed. except me! and that, i pulled some ligaments during my light stretching. tsssssk. talk about lack of exercise! but it wasn’t that bad after a few hours on ice. the first few minutes felt weird on my feet. stiff. wobbly. but after the first few hours, i knew i was still home on the ice.

then i taught 3 students that day. a nine year old, 16-year old and four year old. hurray! i remembered how much i love to teach. and how much i love teaching ice skating.

see, weeks ago, God gave me 3 consecutive dreams about me skating. it was after that that i realized God was calling me to go back on the ice. i immediately obeyed by deciding to apply as assist coach. and walah! the Lord confirmed it through my dad too. this made me even more decided to pursue the application right away!

then weeks after, here i am with aching legs and feet. but there is joy joy joy in my heart when i teach! thank you Jesus. you make all things work together for the good of those who love you. *hugs*

sorry i wasn’t able to take photos of the rink… nor of my students! as usual, i forgot!


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