another day passed. it’s been a while since i last went home smellin’ real stinky. (heehee) what can i say, the wednesday sun was not feelin’ stingy as it breathed heat and intensity to slowly sun-tanning commuters this afternoon. fx ride palang papuntang mega, minus 100 ligo points na ako… then walked over to robinsons equitable tower. errand no. 1. then walked under the heat again to citiland tower. errand no. 2. then walked back to the fx stand. more ‘amoy araw’ now than ever.

arrived at megamall to print my resume and ice skating track record. i then proceeded to the ice rink to look for ma’am juliet. i was hoping i’d get a job interview on the spot. uhm, she won’t be there ’til after an hour. papa-passport pix muna nga ako… 1 hr. naman daw edi sakto lang.

and so there i was putting on make up and posing for my passport photo, half smiling. lol. talk about an unsymmetrical facial expression now evident in the final product that will be stuck on my passport for a couple of year… haha.

photographer: ma’am, ‘wag po kayo masyadong ngumiti.’

riza (thinking in her head): awww. it’s just so sad when you don’t get to smile in the pix… 😦 happee gurl pa naman ako. o beam?

grateful though that you can’t really smell how the person on the photo smells when you look at it… and i don’t think halata na naarawan ako ng sobra. or see for yourself nalang. toinks.

next stop, santolan lrt station. by this time my feet are a bit achy. my other shoe happened to have lost its heel’s rubber sole. the whole time i was walking with the uneven metal sliding uncomfortable against slippery floors. aysss. why didn’t i notice this before leaving the house…?

finally got to mtg. place. i was meeting my voice teacher and friend. hay. i needed help with getting my voice ‘tuned up.’ LOL. another gay walk under the scorching heat. lola, i’m so glad i didn’t run into john lloyd… we happened to walk the area where he grew up – santolan, pasig.

and there we were, unclogging my throught and rehearsing my diaphragm in an un-airconditioned room up at the 3rd floor. i swear i wanted to buy a new shirt just to be able to change.

but what the heck, i’m just 2 tricycle rides away from home!

finally got home around 9pm. but wag ka, nagdinner muna ako sa chowking at nagpagupit muna ako sa reyes before taking the second tricycle ride! i wonder if the hair stylist figured i was really smelly na! huhu. pero tuloy pa rin. go ate, paki-BLOW DRY ha?

another tryc ride. praise jesus, home na. look mom, BANGS =D


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