on accountability and transparency


one of my younger sis opened up to me a few days ago. i had been wanting to ask her something related to what she opened up to me. but there doesn’t seem to be good enough reason to ask her so i just kept things to myself. but when she shared to me what has been happening, i realized a lot of things. suddenly, light was shed on many matters. what used to be blurry became crystal clear. and it had become easier to make right choices and actions (or inactions) since i already have hard facts to base my decisions on. i also realized how i had gotten carried away by my emotions and false assumptions. with the truth in hand, my perception had become more accurate and my steps stronger in resolve and purpose.

i also realized another thing. this could not have been achieved had my friend not submitted her situation to me in humble honesty. often times we avoid confrontation or confessions because we are afraid of being exposed. we don’t want to become vulnerable. and we don’t want to be judged. but when we open up to the right person/people in the right atmosphere of humility and uprightness of heart, we are actually strengthened (and not weakened) in the process.

after my friend told me her story, i shared to her a bit of mine. and i believe that had she know what i had also been going through, it would have been easier for her to understand what she was going through. (forgive me for all the vagueness and lack of specific detail… i have to ask for my friend’s permission first if i can disclose the details…) it had become a real eye opener!

i think and therefore conclude that this is just one of the benefits of transparency and accountability. it opens our eyes. we are exposed to truths we could not have discovered on our own. we are given the opportunity to see through another person’s lenses. and in the process, we are released from unnecessary burdens. because the truth indeed sets free. likewise, confessing the truth gives us freedom.


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