The Relentless Prince and Despicable Maiden

There was once and until now, a dashing young man, a prince, son of the King, the only King in the only empire, and he fell in love with a young girl. But the girl was not a lady. She was not of noble birth, nor was she of noble character. She was not from a respectable family, nor was she respectable herself.

It grieves me to tell her whole story so I will just say enough to cast a pale depiction of who she is compared to actuality. She ran after men as if they were medals to be won. She flaunted her filthy outfits that make her captivating to lustful eyes.

But the prince was completely her opposite. He desired to love and pursue only one for the rest of his life. They were an ill match, the whole Kingdom thought. But the prince saw something no one else saw! What was it?! Until now, I could not fully comprehend, and much more try to explain! We have to ask the prince himself!

But for now, let me finish their story.

No one would let her in the palace. Many a marketplace has banned her from entering. Thus, she resides in dark places where no one would send her away. And that is where the prince must go in order to pursue her. She cannot meet him where he is! He must come to her. And so he did.

I think I saw a painting vaguely portraying how the prince left his palace and searched for her in the dingiest alley. Soiling his white robe and shiny hair, he came to woo her. You must be wondering now how our young lass must have felt.

To help you better understand and visualize, imagine you were her. How would you react? Would you say, “Crazy prince!” Or would you say “Yes” right away? But even if you say yes, how would you feel walking beside a man as noble as he? After you have been washed in royal bath and dressed in finest garments, do you think you would feel clean already?

But who would not fall in love with our prince? And fell in love she did. But after staring into his eyes for what seemed like her whole life flashing before her, she ran away.

She has soiled herself deeper than could ever be cleansed. She will never be worthy of the one she loves. Now she must face the rest of her life in regret and despair. She must run away from love though it has found her.

And this is the part where the piece of paper containing our story, had been ripped apart. The rest of the story, no one could find. But a journal was found somewhere and was thought to belong to our prince. An entry in the journal reveals to us a bit of what was in his mind:

I know that this will not be easy. I know that you might just run away. But today, as I leave my palace, I am certain that I am doing the one and only right thing. You are a princess yet you do not know it yet. I know your heart desires to be pure but life has entangled you in lies and curses. Inside I know you are fighting. Though outwardly your actions speak otherwise. I know you. And I am coming to restore what life has stripped away from you. I am ready to fight for that place in your heart. I will take over, if only you will say yes to me.

But first, I must give up what I have. I must lay down my crown and surrender my reputation. I will lose the love of men and women I dearly love. But this is the only way for you to be restored. No one else can restore you. But I can. If only you will believe. After I give up everything, I know I will still not be assured of your yes. Even then, I am willing to take the risk. Even if you say no, it gives me peace to know that I have done everything I can to give you even just a chance to say yes… a chance to find new life. I am risking everything just for a chance to bring you home.

A letter addressed to our young girl was found in her house. It was believed that she read it and suddenly ran away. No one knew where to. Half of us believe that she hated herself so much that she ran away from her prince and from redemption. While half of us believe that she ran straight to the river to meet her prince. This was what the letter said:

Come quick, come hither to the Psalmists River, fifty-one mountains away and seven days from today. And when you get there, say this prayer, “Purify me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.” and you shall be made brand new. ~ Psalm 51:7


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