kept awake

i’m having another one of those nights. the one with a strong sense that God still wants to speak, to say something to me. before i sleep. during such nights, i find it hard to sleep.

i had a full month last september. i believe the rest of the world did too. especially financial establishments. especially america. lately, it just gets harder to pause and really hear.

i’ve been having hectic days lately. but our hectic schedules doesn’t lessen the fact that God wants to speak. thus i’m having another one of those days when i feel like God is slowing me down so i can catch up. catch up with what he has to say. without being interrupted – by the alarm clock ringing, or the car horn honking, or some people’s nagging. it’s almost 2am. it seems like i’ve had God wait for me for days. my heart is somewhere between lost and secure. God is faithful – this is the reason why i’m secure. I haven’t been that faithful – the reason why i’m a bit lost.

i’m really sleepy. but my heart is awake. God wants to speak. God, help me listen.


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