Ever opened a can or soda that has been previously shaken? After you snap open the metal lid, instantly carbonated drink foams out of the hole. it overflows unstoppably, soaking your hand and puddling the floor.

Perhaps such is the picture of kairos, all of a sudden, you hit the right button or step into the appointed day. The promises you’ve been pondering in your heart, with one wave of your hand, keeps on landing on your lap like waterfalls. After a long wait, and after you thought that patience will forever be a character that God will be training in you, you hear a knock, the door opens and wala, destiny sweeps you off your feet. In one flash, the cloudy view is transformed into a sky with a myriad of shooting stars. You never imagined it in your daydreams to be as good as this. Could this be kairos? If it is, then it most certainly worth the active waiting.

“I will stand at my watch
and station myself on the ramparts;
I will look to see what he will say to me…” ~ Habakkuk 2:1

(entry from september 3, 2008 during my 40-day “offline-from-multiply-facebook-ym season”)


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