dust, universe and love unrequited

the love he demonstrated could not be matched, not even by anything he would ever do; yet it has reaped only a love that had not even come close to how deep his affections are – a love that is it light years in distance from how far his love has gone. in this sense, i still see his love as unrequited.

yet his face is the epiphany of joy every time he gazes at her and her gestures, though they are too small to even be noticed by the universe. but woa! he is bigger than the universe; she is but a speck of dust. you must see how he gazes at her as if she were “the world” to him if he were but man. but then he is bigger than man and the universe. he is God.

his wedding day is near. but the waiting, i think could not be more joyous than painful. waiting is both pain and joy. it is tasting life one day at a time. it is rejoicing that time doesn’t and will not stop until eternity comes to welcome the wedding of the Lamb.

is it foolishness to wait? ask him who ’til now is patiently gazing, at her who is still wearing her tattered rags. she is dark yet lovely. but until her wedding day, we have yet to understand a lover’s wait’s greatest reward.

if i may add, there is no one else who understands the pain of unrequited love better than God.


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