jehova jireh

for the nth time, i was running out of time. i have to finish writing the story today meaning i should i should be editing anytime soon. but i still don’t have a story… i’ve asked some friends to write their ‘life story’ but i can’t really pressure them to submit in 24 hours. i was sick last weekend and lying in bed had taken most of my ‘free’ time this week. God, save me! (that prayer was also, for the nth time)

so yeah, let’s just trust God but in my head, i was already worrying. this morning, we went for a nuga bed treatment at nugabest. in compliance to my mom’s request/demand. she had been telling me to go there regularly. i said ok, let’s go today.

i really have to make this quick so let’s supercut this story short. lo and behold, i have been repeatedly asking God (d past hours and days) where i should get my story… and there i saw a friend. *flash of light* he’s the one! *bwahahahaha!* his story is just perfect. so yes i ambush interviewed him. *bwahahahaha* he was working but he stopped what he was doing! *bwahahahaha* i didn’t know it until my mom explained to me. (i can’t believe i can be so naive sometimes… okay, most of the time.) and there ends my search for my story.

*…off to article writing mode*


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