monday warfare

i prayed for a handful of people this morning. God has just been encouraging me much lately with things beginning to fall into place – and one of those things would be renewing a commitment to pray more intently for the people whom God has placed in my prayer list.

some doors have also opened up and i have been thanking God for the fresh opportunities he has unfolded for this season. however… the morning warfare was not without a cost. it always hurt deeper when the discouraging words come from someone close to you and who holds a position of authority in your life. and yes, expect them right after the warfare. what can i say, flying arrows come with the job of a warrior.

i must be warring my way through this day. i’m just wondering though, how many drops of tears i am allowed to shed? perhaps a few. perhaps none. it really depends. if i could just run over those words without shedding a tear and with a completely strong spirit. i am a daughter of the King. what could be more powerful?

my Jesus. i realize, it will be another week of excitement and challenge. now let me just victoriously dance my way through this first battle then i’ll be well on my way.

grace, strength, joy, victory come. =)


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