oasis in the wilderness. that’s how i’d describe these events in my life. (only here, i’m only telling about one. the rest will follow soon.) haha. actually they’re more like instances. and they’ve kept my faith alive. they’ve served as powerful reminders from God, that he hasn’t forgotten me — in this wilderness.


‘Is my hearing fine?’ this has been my most “gasgas” question of the season. then one day i was rushing to makati for a job interview. i prayed as i was on commuter FX. i stirred up my faith and spoke to God, telling him that i trust that he’d take me there on time. i knew that he could work miracles and if need be, he would work one for me today. i wondered how it’s possible to get there on time given the horrendous traffic i’m stuck in. trying to be creative (like God), i thought maybe, a motorcycle ride would be one possible solution.

i get off the vehicle and start hailing a taxi cab… then out of the corner of my eye, i noticed a motorcycle slow down… it stops right in front of me. ‘Miss, where are you headed to?’ the driver asks… i can give you a ride. you might get late for your appointment…”

God, you must be crazy.

i gracefully declined. But God, you’re just darn too hilarious.

i was laughing out loud in the inside.

by the way, i made it to my job interview on time.

more stories to follow…


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