Daddy’s Last Dance

I thought I’d repost an edit to a poem that is about what many single women dream of. :) You were watching me from around the corner As I cluelessly peeked into the… Continue reading

The Dream That Died

The fragile dream the movie, the future in your head The life apart from when your eyes awake The string that pulls you running, fighting for that day, someday The fading dream The… Continue reading

Where There’s Sunlight

Write where there’s sunlight Passing through a clear glass wall To glow on careless pages And scatter shadows on your desk To catch your downcast eyes And bring a glimmer where it dries… Continue reading

It’s Time to Write

It’s time to write Again, it’s time to feel the bite Flip through that dusty pile Of abandoned thoughts And neglected invitations To truths denied Ponder memories That rock you out of sleep… Continue reading

Truly Madly Deeply Sink Me

Photo Credits: Max Gerenata and Francis Manuel I used to think that scuba diving was for movie heroes out to find some piece of evidence underwater. Or for treasure hunters like in the… Continue reading

Hana Kimi Made Me Cry So Hard Last Night

My friend sent me a youtube link to a Japanese soap – Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. This was also dubbed for the Philippine audience and given the title Hana Kimi. Out of 12… Continue reading

Dear Lamma, Please Take Me Back

Last July, I went on a trip to Hong Kong with two girl friends. A friend of mine who lives in Hong Kong had opened the doors to “her” place on Lamma Island.… Continue reading

I Remember This Man I Call Daddy

When a Father speaks, you know love could not be deeper. When Daddy says, “When you were a child, a curly haired, unruly, cuddly, bouncy little girl…” you know he knows you better… Continue reading

How I Was Set Free from 6 Lies I Struggled With as a Child

(I know that “6” is not a “nice” number but let’s just stick to it.) When we were born, we were full of hunger and excitement to breathe in and partake of an… Continue reading

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